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Question 1:

Does your business information match, everywhere, across every search engine, directory service, and review platform?

It sounds like a simple question, but the fact is, most businesses have mismatched, incomplete, or incorrect information.

Answer 1:

We manage your directory listings, reviews, and reputation for you. That means creating positive customer experiences.

We manage over 50 directory listing and review service sites, so you can spend your time running your business.

Question 2:

How does your website look? No, seriously. Does it look right on mobile? Is it clean, minimal, and easy to navigate? Is it pretty?

Websites should be designed with you business is mind. Is it intuitive? Can your customers quickly find the answers to their questions, and then contact you? More importantly, is all the meta data being tagged correctly?

Answer 2:

Our client sites are clean, minimal, easy to navigate, and work across every device or browser.

When you get a website designed by Selling Seconds, you’re getting a flat, clean, minimal design. We value simplicity over style, and functionality over form. Your website is a tool designed to make money, and we engineer money machines. 

Question 3:

How are you advertising? Is it working? Do you know what your cost per acquisition is? Do you know how many people click your ads? Are you retargeting? 

The simple fact is this: Most businesses can’t afford a dedicated advertising expert, who knows everything about how to build sales funnels.

Answer 3:

We build sales funnels that convert, at a price that’s right for your business, to maximize your return on investment. We don’t make money unless you make money. 

When you hire us, it’s like you’re getting your own dedicated advertising team — fully adaptable, that scales with your business as you grow.

Is your business a good fit for Selling Seconds?

We specialize in helping customers find you, generating reviews, and enhancing your customer experience. Naturally, that covers a wide variety of businesses.

Our prices are transparent, and easy to understand.

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